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Jade Pendant Front Side View

Klamath Emerald Nephrite Jade Bannerstone Pendant

Klamath Emerald Nephrite Jade Bannerstone Pendant

2.5" Wide x 1.25" Tall
Klamath Mountains
Finished with soft plaited adjustable length cordage.

Excellent Translucency


This pendant is carved from a rare, emerald flower jade from the Klamath River, California. The internal feathering displays a vibrant orange/gold color, complimenting the rich dark green on the stone. The pendant has an exceptional polish and a great feeling to the touch. 


The shape for this pendant is inspired by the bannerstones created by the indigenous peoples of North America thousands of years ago.


All images were taken outdoors under natural light. Please note that depending on the lighting, this pendant can appear very dark or glowing green (when backlit).


This piece is carved from the same stone as the triangular pendant also listed, and the two make a great pair for someone who would like to have matching pendants. 

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